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@BestOfScopeArt and @RealFeetPeace Need your assistance. We’ve been downloading and archiving videos, from numerous scopers, since Jan 2016.

Currently, the archive videos are taking up 2.46TB. Space is running low, and we need to expand, to continue the archive.

After researching various solutions to fulfill these needs, we discovered an available solution. It provides vast amounts of storage space, and protects from data loss, so the archives will be protected.

This channel is not about making a profit. Our intention is not to ask for money at all.

But in order to continue downloading these archive scopes and being able to continue saving them for future replays and entertainment, we have to migrate to a new storage solution, that has enough space and ability to protect the archives.

Please, won’t you consider donating to keep fun times and the exposing of “scammers” alive?

You’re generosity is sincerely appreciated. ♥

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