Admission Of Guilt…

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@fbi @youtube @jacksonvillepolicedept James Saroka operates on #youtube #snapchat and #instagram for a movement he calls #feetpeace. This death threat and admittance of a death threat towards me we're both live streamed on YouTube. He deleted one video because of the threat he made against my life. He has been in a mental health hospital again recently and is bipolar. He is now hitchhikng across America with a young girl and sleeping in a tent when he can't get a "feetpeacer" to get him a hotel room. Due to his mania in the past and the unstable behavior shown in this video, I am very worried that he may really try to kill me during his journey. You can find more about him on or googling James/Jim/Jimmy Saroka or feet peace. I truly believe he is a threat to others and should be evaluated for mental stability, but I am not someone with authority to make that decision. He is currently in Jacksonville Florida. Please check into him before someone gets hurt and please remove his social media channels like YouTube. I believe he is a very smart kid but also very dangerous due to his mental illness, ego and past actions of manipulation, lies and sociopathic nature. In my opinion a psychiatric evaluation and shutting down his social media would be the best option before he does something truly horrific after any small thing he doesn't like sets him off. YouTube and Instagram are James Saroka. I do not know his other platforms names. His past has shown a lot of manic and depressive episodes, possibly from him being bipolar. Thank you for your help and at this time I do not wish to file charges as with me being states away I feel my family and I are safe for the time being, but anyone he may meet while traveling the country on foot could set him off at any moment. He did say on a live stream that they have weapons but he will not say what they are. I don't know if he's lying because of the many lies he has told in the past, but I would approach with caution. Thank you ahead of time for your help in this matter and removal of his social media. Everyone please share on all social media platforms to raise awareness about James Saroka and how dangerous he is!

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