Welcome to #feetpeace!!  Do you want to be part of something, that I created?  #feetpeace is something that I thought up one day.  If you would like to know more information about it, I can’t tell you anything, because there is nothing to tell.

I noticed a bunch of people on Periscope, that were telling people stories, and they were able to get people to give them their money.  All they needed was to hear a somewhat believable story, pull a couple heart strings, then the person was able to reel them in, and get them to start giving up their money.

It’s really a slick idea!  I mean, all I had to do was come up with some half-way believable story, then start accepting donations.  I was even able to sell plain white tshirts for $100 each!!  I mean, come on, seriously?!  ROFL

Well, as I can come up with some more twists to my story, I’ll get more money and do whatever the heck I want.  So make sure to bookmark feetpeace.co so you won’t miss anything.